Digital Cinema Packages for indie filmmakers

Making a DCP

+Merge will guide you through the DCP creation process and make it affordable, accurate and as understandable as possible


  • unencrypted [No KDM is prefered for film festivals]
  • Flat or Scope DCI [Scale entire image to fit aspect ratio]
  • 24.00FPS / 25.00FPS / 30.00FPS
  • 5.1 Discreet track surround sound [24bit, 48KHz]
  • X'Y'Z' color space [converted from P3 or REC 709 master file]
  • interop
  • Subtitles can be added if a .srt file is provided.
  • Frame Rate conversion for non standard project files
  • CRU Drives [Price varies on the length of your picture]
  • Full DCP kits [Prices varies based on case & hard drive size]



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