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There is a great debate happening right now in the marketing world around video quality versus quantity. Is it more impactful to create and release a handful of highly produced videos or is it better to just get as much out there as possible?


The quality of the content should be the marketing team’s #1 priority. Let’s be clear, the tools are not necessarily the quality in question. It’s the people using the tools. Today, there are so many cheap options that allow someone’s nephew to create and produce their own video content. Without the experience to back up any technology, the intended message becomes easily lost in all the noise of everyone else’s quantity messaging.


Production and post production professionals are trained and practiced in not only the appropriate execution for the concept in the chosen medium, but nuances that are key to the success of any non-organic video (the act of trying to create a viral video on purpose also needs to stop, but that is an article for another day). There still needs to be a strategy to what is being produced and that strategy must have continuity among all the content being released.

Quality editing, for example, involves identifying the most relevant and visually interesting pieces of the shot or supplied footage in order to communicate the most effective story possible. When quantity becomes king in content creation, maintaining a clear and concise message becomes more difficult. The continuity of the messaging is just as important as the message itself.

A motion graphics designer understands design, typography, placement, colors and of course relevant animation style, evoking emotion and helping to further communicate the messaging. This is true even if the graphics are not complex. The simple act of choosing the right font can have a very large impact on the look and feel which directly impacts the tone and effectiveness of the messaging.


Of course, all good creative strategies are open to debate.


While there is a resurgence of and appreciation for outstanding creative skills, there are conflicting ideologies about getting the content out there.

Poor technical quality, or “the amateur look”, is not an effective strategy unless there is a true purpose for sharing video content that appears homemade. Most marketers use this as a strategy because it is cheap to produce and easy to sell up the company food chain. Also with this track of thinking there is usually a “I gotta guy” attached to a friend or family member needing some work.

A good example of strategic amateur quality video on purpose is the Jimmy Kimmel “Twerk Fail” post that went viral a while back. After over 9 million views on YouTube, Kimmel revealed his ruse to the world during his late night talk show. He reinforced the message that he and his show should be considered relevant influencers. Even so, a team of seasoned professionals were a big part of making the video feel authentic to the platform.


To get the most out of content, the need to prepare cannot be underestimated. Planning for the distribution channel ahead of time can ultimately affect what and how assets are created. If the content is for multichannel distribution, there may need to be multiple versions created from the content. To keep all of the versions relevant and on message, continuity must be creatively woven into each piece on the targeted platforms. Continuity throughout multiple versions and channels happens when the content creator understands the medium inside and out along with the targeted distribution channel. This can only be managed by those who have extensive knowledge in the areas of both great successes and epic failures. Those unique skills only come with years of experience.

Add in shorter attention spans and a few seconds before the pre-roll skip button appears and it becomes painfully doubtful that flooding the internet with poorly produced content by an amateur who wants to be a filmmaker is the right approach for an effective campaign. Spending money on a losing strategy is still a waste of money even if each individual piece was cheaper to produce than a high quality production. Think of it this way; buy a cheap role of 1-ply toilet paper and use up an entire role in one sitting or buy the good stuff and be able to walk later.


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