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TD Ameritrade Case Study

Designing The OTT Network Logo

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The Ask


TD Ameritrade


Breathe new life into static TD Ameritrade brand elements to use in their new OTT network while respecting the already established brand.

The excitement of new opportunities to connect with engaged members is usually followed quickly by visual needs a static brand guide can’t solve. For TD Ameritrade, their trading platform users often had a television nearby keeping them informed of the day’s financial news. When TD was prepared to bring that news consumption experience into their own platform and create their own OTT news network to add value and build deeper relationships with their users, +Merge was there to establish a TD Ameritrade Brand in Motion.

+Merge designed the new logo, look and feel of their new network as well as 4 original show packages with in-show animations, breaking news alerts, chyrons and more. This case study focuses on the creation of the network logo, the surrounding environment and their new motion style guide.

The Ask Anchor


The first step is the most important step. +Merge will learn your brand by listening, absorbing existing brand documents and reviewing established guidelines. If there are no current brand guidelines for design or motion, +Merge will create these guidelines with the client. 

In the case of TD Ameritrade, they had an established brand and guidelines. However, an OTT network was a completely new delivery format. It had to feel as though it belonged in the same family beside their trading platform but include a fresh spin on what has come before it to bolster their overall brand. To stand up against the cable news networks beside most traders’ desks, the brand visuals had to perform actions TD never required before and thus didn’t exist in their visual lexicon. +Merge got to work planning out this new environment in which the brand could thrive.


Network Package
1x  :05 Network ID Animation
1x  :10-:15 Network ID Animation
1x  Generic Transition
1x  Live Bug
1x  Network Bug
1x  Looping Backgrounds

Show Package (per show)
1x  Show Open
1x  Show Close
2x Segment Transition
2x Lower Thirds
1x  Topic Bar
3x Boxes - (1x) 3Box equal parts, (2x) 2Box
1x  Rundown - Segment list
1x  Looping background
1x  Over the shoulder box

Step 1 Anchor


Concepting is where we go to work. With all of our data now collected, we can make educated decisions on design in relation to how and where it will be used.

There was a delicate balance that needed to be maintained. The logo needed the look and feel of their financial institution yet also convey the merits of the news delivered. Many versions of the logo were auditioned. The final version +Merge landed on combined the brand, the valued result of news to come via the upward trending bars and, of course, the term “network” not only represents the means of delivery over their literal network but invokes the notion that this entity has the ability to go up against the cable network you’re used to.

Step 2 Anchor

Step 3: Design

The design phase is where things start to take shape. Storyboarded style frames and the surrounding environment become apparent. We flush out any issues of readability with different uses along with finalizing the tool kit and motion color palette.

The finished designs had to be functional yet stand out in studio shots, footage packages, events and their guests’ best effort to score high on Room Rater. Drawing on color, mood and feeling, +Merge was able to compliment the newly minted logo, graphical environment and an established tool kit of approved design elements that could be used in any current or future logo endeavor.