+Merge graded two new spots for the new Cortizone 10 eczema ad campaign.
+Merge graded the new short “The Devil Wore Crimson” by director Jonathan Lennard
+Merge graded six new spots for the “Be the Boss: PNC Bank Virtual Wallet” Campaign
The Factory: Is Cool Cool? +Merge put some color into these newly manufactured hipsters.
+Merge graded the new Charter Spectrum rap inspired Double & TriplePlay Commercials
+Merge Graded two spots for the new Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Disgraced”
The upcoming film “Red Butterfly” was color graded by +MERGE. The deep & rich colors play a big part in establishing the film’s gritty atmosphere.
+MERGE color graded a short film for OPI.
+MERGE did the color and graphic work for a set of Vonage ads in their Advantage campaign
+MERGE color graded the spots for Bullets Over Broadway, the new musical with Zach Braff
+MERGE color graded several videos for 3D printer manufacturers Cubify, screened at the Consumer Electronics Show in January
For a series of Playtex spots, +MERGE rotoscoped the footage before color correction could take place
+MERGE color grades the opening montage for the Late Show with David Letterman
“How To” Videos for Pureology. All post work by +MERGE
+MERGE handled all production duties on the epic trailer for David Wong’s new book, “This Book Is Full of Spiders”
+MERGE graded the color in the new video for Petcurean, “Savour Every Moment”
+MERGE color grades 4 promo spots for the new series of “The Next Iron Chef: Redemption” on Food Network.
+Merge completed book trailers for “The Sunshine When She’s Gone”, “The Fifth Assassin” & “Crystal Cove”
+MERGE color grades a series of videos commissioned by Coca Cola documenting Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
International superstar Carmelo Anthony shows some local pride in “The Return,” a video for Jeep directed by Travis Satten with color by +MERGE.
+Merge color grades: “Game of Thrones” Season 2 Trailer

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